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Reduce Supplier Costs, save Money, Time and Resources

You pay nothing – we get paid a percentage on the savings we make you.

Trusted Suppliers, both local and national

Our strong relationships with suppliers ensure that you get the most effective cost management possible. With an extensive supplier network including both global organisations and smaller niche providers, we'll know where to find the right goods and services for your business.

We'll provide at least three quotes to meet your specification, then manage supplier relationships to sustain the quality of service and quality of product and ensure ongoing cost management efficiencies. Cost management is the quickest and most direct way to increase profitability. With our Total Cost Management Service, you could see improvements to your bottom line within as little as four weeks.

Assured Quality

Cost management isn't always about getting the cheapest price. With our quality guarantees, you can be confident the quotes you get from us will match or exceed current specifications. And you can be sure our cost management advice is in your best interests, because we earn our fee as a percentage of what we save you.

Buying Power

The combined purchasing power of our clients means we can leverage increased procurement savings for you – a collective spend always packs more punch.

Key Areas

Saving money on anything from a pen to a forklift truck. Stationary, telephone network, consumables.