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  • You are only charged based on savings made in the first year
  • There are NO direct costs from the services we offer

Reduce Energy Costs, save Money, Time and Resources

We can help your business put cost-saving energy-efficiency strategies into practice. We know where energy savings can be made and how to get energy efficiency strategies up and running in your business.

Typically, 20% of a business’ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment. Our expert knowledge and tailored services are designed to make the implementation of energy reduction projects easy.

How we can help

Our services are designed to make Energy Efficiency Easy for organisations and businesses, for both the suppliers of the equipment and its ultimate users.

Whether you need finance for new equipment, to find high quality equipment suppliers or understand how to improve your energy efficiency, we can provide flexible, impartial and practical help including: –

  • Energy site surveys to help you identify where savings can be made
  • Business case and investment appraisals to help you demonstrate the benefits of investing in energy efficiency
  • Sourcing of high quality and competitive suppliers of energy efficient equipment
  • Flexible and affordable financing in the forms of leases, loans and hire purchase, designed to be offset by energy cost savings