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It all adds up: By ensuring the most effective solutions to your recruitment, supplier and energy needs, we reduce your overall costs.

Making your enterprise more profitable…

Harry Alexander Limited provides cost-analysis and cost-management services focusing on recruitment, energy and supplier cost savings.

We can save money on anything from fees to recruitment companies to stationary supplies, vehicle rentals, telephone providers, consumables and just about anything else you pay for.

  • Are you looking to make savings in your operations, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you think that you have made all the possible savings and cannot find any other areas to reduce costs?
  • Do you want to reduce your energy costs, but cannot find any potential solutions?
  • Are you sure that you are getting the most cost effective recruitment solution for your business?

If you are having difficulty in finding effective solutions to these questions then call us today on 07825 558020.

Reduce your costs, increase your profits…

We recommend repeating our 3-Step review process periodically to ensure that all potential cost-savings are identified and actioned.

Lowering overheads isn’t a one-off process. It’s about planning a strategy for business cost reduction, without compromising on quality.

We recommend revisiting our initial cost savings on either a 6-month, annual or bi-annual basis, depending on your individual business requirements.

  1. Our business cost reduction consultants will first establish what you‘re paying now for supplies and services.
  2. We’ll then then use our expertise to negotiate with suppliers and advise on possible options.
  3. We can work with you to plan and deliver a full business cost reduction strategy, or we can focus on lowering overheads in just one or two of your key areas. Once we’ve reported our findings, the decisions are yours – because only you know what‘s best for your business.

Because you pay us according to the level of savings we deliver, you can be confident we’re always looking out for ways to save you more. 

Save on Recruitment Costs

Our team of REC (Recruitment Industry Trained) Managers can help companies to optimise their relationships with recruitment agencies, saving money and improving standards.

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Save on Supplier Costs

Our strong relationships with suppliers ensure that you get the most effective cost management possible. We'll know where to find the right goods and services for your business.

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Save on Energy Costs

We can help your business put cost- saving energy-efficiency strategies into practice. We know where energy savings can be made and how to get energy efficiency strategies up and running.

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